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September 20, 2017

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June 6, 2017

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July 5, 2017



Booking in advance

Giving the company more time to work with means more choices in aircraft. Most private jets can be booked the same day  but that does not guarantee that you will get the jet you want. In order to maximize your work day and minimize your travel time, book your private charter in advance, usually 12 hours ahead.


Flexible departure time

If you are running late for your flight, don't worry, the pilots can wait for you at the airport. If any emergencies arise, you can typically change your flight time. Also, many companies begin preparing the aircraft an hour earlier so you can leave a bit earlier as well. Be noticed that even though the departure time is much more flexible for private jets than commercial airlines, some companies do have cancellation policies. For instance, if you are over an hour late, some companies will cancel your flight automatically while others may wait for you for a few hours more.


Baggage limits

Paying more money for your flight doesn't mean you can bring as much baggage as you want. The amount of luggage you can bring with you depends on the size of your plane because the size of the luggage compartment door and weight restrictions vary from different jets. However, soft bags may be helpful to alleviate issues with the odd shapes of aircraft baggage compartments.


Parking etiquette

One of the best parts about choosing private jets that is instead of waiting in a TSA security line, you can drive right up to the aircraft to load your baggage and board easily. Be advised that set your wheels opposite the aircraft, keep your car in park and set the parking brake to prevent it from rolling into the airplane.



Identification requirements

Even though you don't need to adhere to liquid restrictions and wait in a security line when choosing private charters, your identification is still required. When boarding, a driver's license is necessary and as well as a passport for international travel.


Tipping the crew

When you tip the crew, it helps them to feel appreciated and you are building the bridge for the future flights. If you are happy with their service, it is a nice gesture to offer a tip though it is not required.


Device rules

You don't need to turn your devices off on a private jet. You can use all your devices freely with the WI-FI provided on your private plane. And do not to worry about annoying others with your music or ringtones. You can work or catch up freely on your private plane.


Practicing restroom manners

It is better to visit the restroom in the private jet lounge before you fly or make sure they have one because some light jets don't have a restroom. Also, it can be very quiet during your flight, so make sure you know everything ahead.



During your private flight, you can take your pets in the cabin but make sure they are groomed and try not to leave dog hair or muddy paws on the plane.

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