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September 20, 2017

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Think chartering planes are expensive? Think again.

June 6, 2017

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Want to charter a flight now? Read this

May 16, 2017

// Article copied blog.wepushtin.com as content is not ours. Keep in mind that all prices fluctuate daily due to current supply and demand.//


The price you pay for a charter flight will depend on a few different factors, including the type of aircraft, the distance of your trip, whether it’s a one-way flight or round-trip, the time of year and your geographic location, among other factors.


  1. There are different safety standards for different types of flights. All countries have their own civil aviation authorities so the rules vary a bit, but generally commercial flights with more than 20 passengers or so operate under the strictest standards. Private flights with no commercial application have the least strict. Charter flights, those on smaller aircraft but with a commercial element, operate in the middle of the two. The requirements for these types of flights fall under the FAA’s Federal Aviation Requirements Part 135 rules. These rules dictate the minimum number of hours of experience each pilot must have, the fuel reserves for each flight, the runway length requirements for each type of aircraft, fireproofing in the cabin, and some maintenance interval standards. They also check the passenger list against the United States’ No Fly List.

  2. There are independent auditing boards for Part 135 operators. If safety is a main concern, you might want to inquire if the operator has safety audits from either ARG/US or Wyvern. The most invasive levels of audits are ARG/US Platinum or Wyvern Wingman. Both require a stellar safety record.

  3. Some aircraft owners rent or dry lease their aircraft to others. It is common to rent an aircraft, like a Cessna 182 or Cirrus, for the purposes of learning to fly or flying yourself somewhere if you have your license. However, when you start to get into renting or leasing aircraft that require a pilot with a type-rating on that particular model, there are some legal matters to consider. There are some loopholes, but you’d hate to be the one caught in the middle. The owner may be hoping to offset his costs without adhering to Part 135 standards or paying federal excise taxes. Also, insurance companies charge differently for commercial versus non-commercial applications, so liability insurance may become an issue if there’s an incident. If you enter a contract like this, we advise talking to an attorney about the risks and protections.

  4. You can book a charter flight through a charter operator or a charter broker. Before you call, make sure you know when and where you will be flying and how many passengers you expect. Prices will be largely dependent on aircraft availability. The charter operator has control over the planes; the broker may have a better availability to shop around for you. Both will have you sign a quote with the charter terms. There are penalties for cancelling and they differ from contract to contract. Make sure you understand the limitations before you sign.

  5. Charter flights can have extra charges. Although with the low cost of fuel now, there shouldn’t be a fuel surcharge, that often shows up as a line item. Other charges may include landing fees, international fees (which replace federal excise tax), catering, deicing, relocation or empty leg charges, or a minimum daily usage upcharge if the aircraft stays at the destination for the return trip.

  6. Your life is in the hands of the pilots. It’s important to keep this in mind as they are communicating with the tower, especially during takeoff and landing. And you do probably want to secure loose items and fasten your seatbelt when you’re seated. Turbulence does happen.


Full article: blog.wepushtin.com/blog/7-things-you-need-to-know-before-booking-a-charter-flight/

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